We also launched a web series where teens talked openly about how big an impact social media has on their self-esteem. The short films were accompanied by discussion material that could be used as a teaching aid in class.


Social media is damaging the mental health of Swedish teenagers due to constant comparisons with influencers and unattainable ideals. Länsförsäkringar, a Swedish insurance company with a focus on youngsters’ health and wellbeing, wanted to shine a light on this and help teens see beyond the fake online façade.


We hijacked superficial events such as fashion shows and joined forces with the people causing the problem – influencers on front row – to ignite the spark.

Soon, they became the solution. By wearing the #ImPerfect t-shirt, they turned themselves into human billboards with a contradictory message against their own perfection. Using teens’ closest online relation in this way enabled us to change social feeds and make imperfection and individuality the new ideal.

“Social media can give you a quick rush, but the appreciation you feel doesn’t boost your self-esteem long-term.”

Jenny Klefbom, Psychologist

Taking social media into the classroom